Preconstruction Photography Downtown San Diego

In Downtown San Diego, Bosa Development hired Spec Training Video to complete preconstruction photography, or Baseline Photography, at their new high-rise apartment complex site. Broadway Block, a 720,000 square foot mixed-use, high-rise development in Downtown San Diego, will take approximately two years to complete construction.

Pre Construction photography at Broadway Block

Before construction, Bosa needed to document pre-existing conditions of the site and nearby streets, sidewalks, and signage for liability purposes.  Spec Training Video took high-resolution preconstruction photography at 5184 x 3456 resolution so photos could be zoomed in considerably for eyeing small details and for printing purposes.

Key considerations for preconstruction photography were the tram tracks at the north end of the block, ensuring those were thoroughly documented.

Several hundred photos were taken at street level to ensure optimal coverage of the site. Each photograph was meticulously labelled with date, time and location information so that if problems were to arise in future it would be easy to review historical records.

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