Owner Training CUP Videos at Kaiser Downey

Hensel Phelps completed a substantial amount of work on the renovated central utility plant at the Kaiser Permanete location in Downey, California. As such, they contracted Spec Training Video to produce several owner training CUP videos to document their work completed. Despite the large scope of the project awarded, our team completed all videos by the agreed upon deadlines, maintaining brand consistency throughout.

owner training CUP videos

Project History

Over the course of 2020 through 2021, Hensel Phelps completed work at Kaiser Permanete in Downey, California. In addition to the extended timeline, the scope of work included several components. However, our team at Spec Training Video has extensive experience working with all scale of projects. From small owner training videos to a series of extensive owner training CUP videos like these, our team of media specialists produces consistently top of the line videos for our clients. In addition, our team seamlessly accommodated the scope of work, not extending deadlines or delivery times even with the required bandwidth to complete the project.

owner training central utilities plant videos

Scope of Training CUP Videos

Of note, this project included a large scope of work. In particular, the project required our team to deliver several owner training videos for the central utility plant. Further, we accommodated the large scope of work seamlessly.

Owner Training Videos included:

  • cooling tower and sand filter
  • fan coil units
  • fire alarm systems
  • sanitary sewage pumps
  • hydronic pumps
  • HVAC water treatment
  • natural gas system
owner training videos of central utility plant at Kaiser Permanente in Downey, CA

Advantages of Owner Training Videos

In conclusion, by contracting Spec Training Video to produce the owner training videos for the central utility plant, our client gained several benefits. First, the videos have consistent branding throughout. Second, they had one point of contact at Spec Training Video throughout the project, making communication smooth and seamless. Further, our team of experts delivered all materials on time and within budget. Lastly, our team has a proven track record of accepted owner training videos, giving our clients peace of mind that these videos would meet their contract requirements.


owner training video

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