STV Completes O&M Training Videos at Kaiser Hospital Construction Site

After two years of producing owner training videos at Kaiser Permanente San Diego Hospital construction site, Spec Training Video handed off the final media.

Originally contracted with the prime, Hensel Phelps, Spec Training Video eventually worked with the major subs on producing their required training videos as well; among them were Pan Pacific Mechanical, Morrow Meadows Corporation, and Control Air.


Contractor's Wall at Kaiser San Diego


Below is a list of some of the videos we produced during the construction project:


Heat Generation EquipmentPatient Lift System Training Video
Packaged Steel Flexible Water Tube Boilers
Packaged High Pressure Steam Boilers
Parking Control Equipment
HVAC Water Treatment
Compressed Air Equipment for Healthcare Facilities
Vacuum Equipment for Healthcare Facilities
Electricity Monitoring
Access Control & CCTV
Natural Gas System
Static UPS – Lighting Inverter
Compressed Air Piping / Vacuum Piping
Engine Generators
Water Based Fire Suppression System
Public Address
Access Control and Blue Lights
Split System Air Conditioners
Lighting Control Devices
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Enclosed Switches and Circuit Boards
Central Battery Equipment
Photovoltaic System
Secondary Unit Substation
Medium Voltage Switchgear
Multiplex Fire Alarm System
Lighting Control
Generator Control Switchgear
Engine Generators
Air Handling Units
Water Based Fire Suppression System
Centrifugal Water Chiller
Fan Coil Units
Static Uninterruptible Power Supply
Domestic Water Pumps – Booster Pumps
Domestic Water Pumps – Hot Water Circulation Pumps
Sanitary Waste Piping Specialties
Sewage Ejector Pumps
Electric Domestic Water Heaters
Hydronic Pumps
Water Based Fire Suppression System
Emergency Backup Fuel Oil System
Cooling Towers
Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC
Water Softener Equipment
Refrigerant Monitoring System
Static Uninterruptible Power Supply
Electricity Monitoring
Lighting Controls
Patient Lift System
Building Management System
Building Automation System
Patient DIRTT Wall
Window Washing Equipment
Coiling Doors & Dock Leveler
Elevator Door Smoke Containment System
Sliding Doors / Revolving Doors / ADOs
HazMat Container
Exterior Fountains
Walk In Refrigerators
Pneumatic Tube System
Water Based Fire Suppression System
Domestic Water Pumps & Ozone System
Potable Water Storage Tanks
Automated Grease Receptors / Grease Interceptors
Sanitary Waste Piping & Grease Interceptor Tanks
Sanitary Sewage Pumps
Natural Gas
Water Softener Equipment
Domestic Water Heat Exchanger / Circ. Pumps
Emergency Plumbing Fixtures
Med Gas Equip. & Piping
Reverse Osmosis / Deionization
Hydronic Pumps
Steam Condensate Pumps
Air Handling Units
Heat Exchangers
Packaged Water Chiller
Fan Coil Units
Active Chilled Beams
Hydronic Radiant Flooring System
Humidity Control Equipment
Power System Study
Electricity Monitoring
Secondary Unit Substations
Medium Voltage Transformers & Dry Type Transformers
Static UPS
CPN Flywheel UPS & Eaton Static UPS
Nurse Call System / Public Address System
Access Control / CCTV
Fire Alarm System
Infant Tagging System
Site Irrigation
Storm, Sewer and Domestic Water Systems/
Storm and Sewer Pumps
Sewer Ejector Pump
Sanitary Piping

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